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Forged in the Fire of the Steel Industry, Matt Seely Makes Things - And He Makes Things Happen.

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The Seely Record
  • Seely attended one of the first Trump debates (in Texas), writing "Good luck Mr. President" on the center podium's legal pad to give his hero an extra dose of confidence.

  • Seely got elected as a GOP state committeeman and as a Trump delegate to the GOP National Convention. 

  • Seely personally secured office space and worked in the trenches to help Trump carry the crucial swing county of Macomb.

  • Seely volunteered to serve (unpaid) on his local City Council and in Michigan GOP roles.

  • Seely became the spokesman for the Michigan Conservative Coalition, making "Trump Republicans" a call to action.

  • He helped lead Operation Gridlock and Operation Haircut and a number of other grassroots efforts to unlock Michigan when the Leftist need to micro-manage and control people hit an all-time high.

Republican Matthew Seely works - he isn't a professional politician (like the incumbent).​ Matthew Seely built a Michigan-based family business (forging custom steel parts).​ The first Donald Trump campaign inspired Seely to get involved in the fight to Make America Great Again!


When Whitmer Locked Down Michigan, We Fought For Freedom


May 2020

An Owosso barber became a living symbol of Democrat efforts to squash and silence small business people.


Matthew Seely and the rest of the Michigan Conservative Coalition called on thousands to come to the Capitol to exercise their right to cut hair and get their hair cut.

The time for change is now! Half a century of Dan Kildee killing jobs must end.

Dan Kildee got elected in 1977, the same year Jimmy Carter (and Dan's uncle) went to Washington. And what happened? Gas prices and mortgage rates both doubled.

Kildee Votes with Biden 100%.

Kildee/Biden: Collecting government payhecks

since the 1970's.

Gas prices doubled - Here we go again, gas prices doubled in 1977-1980, like today!

How's your health? Dan Kildee told NBC News that Capitol protests gave him PTSD.

Is Flint Michigan better off today? The fall of Flint escalated when Dan Kildee got elected. Kildee says "Decline in Flint is like Gravity, a fact of life." Even Nancy Pelosi is a newcomer compared to "Downsizing Dan."

Dan Kildee does not put "America First!"


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