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Forged in the Fire of the Steel Industry, Matt Seely Makes Things - And He Makes Things Happen.

Republican Matthew Seely works - he isn't a professional politician (like the incumbent).

Matthew Seely built a Michigan-based family business (forging custom steel parts).

The first Donald Trump campaign inspired Seely to get involved in the fight to Make America Great Again!

The Seely Record
  • Seely attended one of the first Trump debates (in Texas), writing "Good luck Mr. President" on the center podium's legal pad to give his hero an extra dose of confidence.

  • Seely got elected as a GOP state committeeman and as a Trump delegate to the GOP National Convention. 

  • Seely personally secured office space and worked in the trenches to help Trump carry the crucial swing county of Macomb.

  • Seely volunteered to serve (unpaid) on his local City Council and in Michigan GOP roles.

  • Seely became the spokesman for the Michigan Conservative Coalition, making "Trump Republicans" a call to action.

  • He helped lead Operation Gridlock and Operation Haircut and a number of other grassroots efforts to unlock Michigan when the Leftist need to micro-manage and control people hit an all-time high.

Photo: Matthew Seely welcomes Eric Trump to his Michigan Steel Plant on the eve of the 2016 election.

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